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Bicorne English Civil War Cavalry using Base–Wash–Highlight

My Pikeman's Lament forces lean heavily toward infantry so far. I decided to remedy that with some splendid cavalry from Bicorne's 28mm line. My first decision was to paint the riders with the horses. I wanted the crevasses between the rider and horse to fill with shadow and wash, so I mounted them together before priming. Mounting Riders Onto Their Horses I had some trouble mounting them until I read about pinning with green stuff. That made it easy. I drilled out the rider and the saddle. Then I clipped a paper clip to the proper length. I put some drops of Loctite Ultragel Control Super Glue in the holes and made a small ball of greenstuff. Then I smooshed them together. The greenstuff held the rider in place while everything set. I liked that I could make fine adjustments to their positioning. I waited 24 hours to let everything dry. Next I primed them up and used some color mixes from the excellent  1898 Miniatures site . They look good so far. I'll share some pictures

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