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Paint Systems for Napoleonic Miniatures

Last Christmas I purchased an Elegoo Mars 3 printer and I love it. I spent time cranking out Forest Dragon Warmaster minis, Alien space suited victims, and 15mm WW2 armor for my friends. While admiring the beautiful STLs available to sci-fi and fantasy enthusiasts, I lamented the dearth of quality 28mm historical sculpts. Found Them! That changed when I stumbled across Piano Wargames' beautiful Napoleonic sculpts . While I nosed about their site, I found their tutorial which advocated using GW Contrast Paints to get a quick, quality result. I decided to try it out on a Perry French infantry figure. GW Contrast Paints for Historical Miniatures The results speak for themselves. All colors (on the central figure on the white cap) were a single coat of CPs onto a primed Corax White miniature that was then drybrushed with white. After the Contrast Paints were dry I did some black lining with CP Black Templar and painted a few lines of white for highlights. That's it. Fast. Very Fast

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