Bicorne English Civil War Cavalry using Base–Wash–Highlight

My Pikeman's Lament forces lean heavily toward infantry so far. I decided to remedy that with some splendid cavalry from Bicorne's 28mm line. My first decision was to paint the riders with the horses. I wanted the crevasses between the rider and horse to fill with shadow and wash, so I mounted them together before priming.

Squadpainter's base colors on Bicorne's ECW cavalry

Mounting Riders Onto Their Horses

I had some trouble mounting them until I read about pinning with green stuff. That made it easy. I drilled out the rider and the saddle. Then I clipped a paper clip to the proper length. I put some drops of Loctite Ultragel Control Super Glue in the holes and made a small ball of greenstuff. Then I smooshed them together. The greenstuff held the rider in place while everything set. I liked that I could make fine adjustments to their positioning. I waited 24 hours to let everything dry. Next I primed them up and used some color mixes from the excellent 1898 Miniatures site.

They look good so far.

Bicorne English Civil War 28mm cavalry assembled and primed white

Vallejo Model Color painted onto ECW 28mm miniature wargame cavalry

I'll share some pictures of them in my next post after I apply the wash and add a few highlights. 

Happy New Year!


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