Army Painter Quickshade - Perry French Napoleonic Infantry WIP

With the birth of my son last week I realized that I may not have as much time to devote to my favorite hobby over the next few years... at least until he learns how to hold a brush and joins his dad painting (historic) miniatures!

To combat this gnawing concern, I thought that I might work on a project that would produce quick results. I decided to revisit a unit that has been sitting unfinished for a while now: my Perry 28mm Napoleonic Line Infantry. Specifically, they are the 2nd Battalion of the 100th Regiment. I had a few stands done already using the base-dip-highlight technique as well as some Grenadiers so I thought that I would quickly finish up the remaining figures and base them up.

Here they are in progress, ready for the Army Painter Quickshade. It only took a couple of hour's work to get them to this point. I'll take some pictures when they are highlighted and based. The officer, drummer, standard bearer and three Voltigeurs need their base colors and then they'll get dipped next after these are finished.


  1. Congratulations on the birth of you son!!! I'm sure your going to have a great time with him. Get as much painting done before he starts walking. Tank Taco

    1. TT - Thank you! My wife and I are very excited! He sleeps quietly a lot right now, but I'm sure that you are right: when the walking starts there will be little time for painting while he is awake. Ha ha! - Jeff

  2. Jeff

    Very happy to see you are trying to finish the Naps before nappies (English for: diapers!)


    1. Michael -

      Ah ha ha ha! You are ridiculous! What a horrible play on words!

      I am trying to get that unit sorted out on the double. We'll see how quickly I can finish it up!

      - Jeff


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