Army Painter Dip - 2nd Stand Finished

After well over a month of not painting, I realized that I wanted to get a stand done to get me back on track. So I went to the dip!

This stand went even faster than the first. The light base coat colors look great under the dip. This time I undercoated metals with black before the dip and then gave the silver a GW Badab Black wash and I think that they turned out better because of that. Also, I hit the pants with a 2:1 white:water on the highlights and they turned out very good. The thin paint was fast to apply and that highlight makes them pop!

Oops. I just noticed that I didn't hit the back buckles with the silver. Stupid.

The Grenadier stand is ready for dip tonight. The results are better and better with each stand completed.


  1. never mind, we won't see the buckles at game distance ^^
    They look otherwise really good

  2. Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I cannot let such a thing go by without correcting it. It would drive me crazy! Luckily they will be easy to correct... even with them already mounted on the stand.


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