Blu-Stuff Two Part Mold Casting Tutorial

On my last post I detailed my situation that led me to attempting to cast a miniature out of Green Stuff with a Blu-Stuff mold. Now, before I begin, I want to be clear that I am not trying to recast and sell this stuff. That's not cool. I am only making molds of things that are otherwise unavailable to procure for my own personal use.

Exo-armored Epic 6mm Squat Green stuff Blu-Stuff two part mold
Fresh out of the mold and looking good... well... it has a hint of flash...

Okay, I'm off of the soapbox. Here's the tutorial:

    1.  Take two equal balls of Blu-Stuff (blue and white) and mix them for about 30 seconds. Smush that 6mm Epic Squat face down into the Blu-Stuff up to the model's mold line. Stick a post or two next to him for alignment purposes. Wait four minutes. Yes, it is true. It only takes four minutes to cure. It's like magic.

    2. Take a second ball of mixed Blu-Stuff and smoosh it on top of the back of the Squat. Wait four minutes.

    3. Pull the two molds apart (Blu-Stuff does not stick to itself, plastic or Greenstuff). Carve a vent on the bottom of the mold for excess Greenstuff to vent. Wait 24 hours for the mold to fully cure.

    4. Grab some Greenstuff and mix it 1/3 Blue and 2/3 Yellow (tradeoff of less stiffness for more detail) and drop a pea-sized blob into the mold. Using the pegs, squish the molds together. Wait 24 hours or so.

    5. Gently pull apart the mold. Trim the flash. Yes, there will be gobs of flash. But that's okay as it is easily cut away. Trim it off and be amazed! Or, if your mold didn't turn out quite right, that's okay, just try again. My first mold sucked because I cast the back first and then the front. That was wrong. Cast the important side first as it will be the clearest!

Good luck in your efforts in casting. Ask more questions in the comments if you'd like!


  1. Wow, that's a good looking squat!

  2. Col. H -

    Thanks! Yes, it turned out pretty well. I was surprised at the amount of detail that the Blu-Stuff captured on such a small figure.

    Thank you for the comment!

    - Jeff


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