Casting Miniatures with Blu-Stuff Introduction

I recently purchased some Epic scale Squat infantry but it had almost all of its command figures removed... which is kind of a bummer as they have been out of production for decades and are difficult to find on Ebay. Well, you one can find the infantry... but most of the time the command figures have been appropriated. There aren't any proxy figures available either. So, having exhausted all possible avenues of procurement, I decided to cast a few models for my own personal use. 

GW Dwarf Shield cast with Green Stuff
The one-part Dwarf Shield cast with Green Stuff

I looked around at a few different ways to do it, but I found that one product kept rising to the top: Blu-Stuff! Blu-Stuff is great for making one-part and two-part press-molds. I had made some one-part molds of some Dwarves shields, but it was time to see if I could do a miniature.

GW Shield mold with Blu-Stuff
The Blu-Stuff that I pressed onto the plastic shield.

The nice thing about the Exo-Armored Squat model and the Hearthguard figure is that they lend themselves to easily being cast from a two-part mold. They don't have any funky curves or whatnot. You can see that if you look at the mold line on one of the figures, it really is just two parts. So, that's where the edges of your two molds go.

In my next post I'll go into details about how I did it.


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    1. F2 - Blu-Stuff is interesting! It gets even better when I tried to do a two-part mold. I'll post up on that in a few days.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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