Army Painter Dip - 3rd Stand, continued

Here are the troops after their dip and highlights have been applied. They are ready for basing. Even though only five are going to go on the stand, I decided to paint up seven and choose the best. That's the beauty of using the dip... making a few extra figures takes no time at all!

I learned something new this time while I was applying highlights. When the dip is dry it is very smooth. It is much smoother than other paint and primer. It's almost like painting on glass. The paint sits and moves on it differently. Whereas the spray primer had a "tooth" to it and grabs and holds the paint, the dried dip allows the paint to slide around on its surface a bit.

So, what does this all mean?

Halfway through doing the white highlights on the pants on these figures, I realized that a neat effect could be attained by painting the lowermost white area, then dabbing the brush up the fold/area that needed to be highlighted. Instead of just having a blob of unifom intensity white paint, I ended up with a nice blended white moving up the fold - pure white on the bottom and then less and less white on the way up which allows the darker color underneath to show through. It is a subtle effect, but it is beautiful.

I hope that you can make it out on the pictures that are here. If anyone would like close up pictures of the effect, comment on this post and I will see what I can do.


  1. they look good. Are they from their plastic range?

  2. Excellent stuff! I, too, use the AP dip - strong tone - but may start using the soft version and ink washes next time. You can't beat the protective coat the dip provides, along with its excellent shading...

  3. sebastofig - Yes, the figures are from Perry's plastic range. The sergeant figures are Perry metals that I picked up. I am trying to use plastics wherever possible on this brigade, though.

    Monty - Thank you for your kind words. I like the dark brown the the strong tone provides. I tried the softer version first, but it didn't shade enough for my tastes. But using an ink wash could darken it nicely. I just love how quickly I can get figures completed using this method!

  4. Those frogs are lovely! Great painting.


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