House of Cards with Miniatures & Hiatus

I have waited for this day for ages... and it is finally here. I will no longer have say, "Um, well, have you ever seen the movie '40-Year-Old Virgin?'" when I describe my hobby. I have a new way to explain myself.

House of Cards miniatures painting ACW historical
* * Don't worry... no important plot spoilers * *

While watching Netflix's second season of "House of Cards" I was pleased to see Kevin Spacey's character Frank Underwood take up the hobby of historical miniature painting. I poked my wife in the arm and said, "See?" My better half laughed.

In the show Spacey's wife isn't sure what to make of the large Civil War diorama.

    WIFE: This is really coming along, isn't it?
    HUSBAND: You think it's childish.
    WIFE (smiling and walking out of the room): I think it's better than video games.

Music to my ears! Ha ha! In addition to that, others around him approved of his choice of hobby and his wife, ever supportive, was making trees in a later scene. Seeing husband and wife working on miniatures together warms the heart.

On another note, I'm so pleased to be typing again after battling things that life puts in the way of our actively enjoying our hobby. I've missed my blog, my readers, my paints and my little lead troops!


  1. Good to have you back and lets hope you will be painting soon.

  2. Oh, 3 months is much too long. I hope you hit 100% soon.

    I don't watch HoC but the critics love it. Good to see we are gaining respectability! As we come "out of the shadows" so to speak, I think it can only help our hobby.

  3. Solo - Thank you for your well-wishes. I appreciate them and you!

    Monty - It has been a long road to recovery. But I'm doing much better. Yes, we are gaining respectability! He is seen painting in a number of episodes... and it is proper historical stuff... not a Space Marine in sight anywhere. Ha ha!

    1. Hope all is well. I'm finally watching the series and I love the way our hobby gets some face time in this and another episode.

      Great series. Contrasts nicely with Veep. ;-)

    2. Monty - Thanks for the well-wishes. I am slowly getting better. It was a pretty intense procedure. I have an excellent prognosis, but it will take some time to get there. I'm still not comfortable enough to paint. Ugh.

      I'm glad that you are enjoying HoC. It is a fun diversion! And yes, Frank Underwood is quite a piece of work. Ha ha!

  4. Welcome back (so to speak). Interesting reference, I'll have to try and watch it.


  5. Jeff

    So happy to see your new post. SquadPainter is back! Looking forward to a great Craft Day on the 8th.

  6. Ubique Matt - Thanks! It is good to be back.

    Don't watch House of Cards just for the miniatures... your time would be better spent in other endeavors. But, if you want to see a fascinating show about lies, deception, our government, machinations, backstabbing... with a teensy bit of miniature stuff, then you should stream away. - Jeff

  7. Michael - See you on the 8th! - Jeff


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