Epic Squat Warrior Squad

After I completed my test strip, I quickly went to work painting up my Games Workshop Epic Squat Warriors. They didn't take that long to finish up. These models don't require a lot of shading and highlighting. The black lines between the colors add depth and shading. The only highlight is a lightly dry-brushed orange on the red jerkin.
Games Workshop Squats Epic Warriors 6mm infantry
These were salvaged models in various states of painting. They all received a bath in Super Clean to knock the paint off. After that they were given a coat of black Armory primer. Then the painting began with Reaper MSP HD paints. Using the Reaper paints was a time-saver as the yellow and the red cover quickly over the black.
Games Workshop Squats Epic Warriors painted Reaper MSP HD
At this scale there aren't too many different colors to use. I think that I only required about different 7 pots of paint on these troops. This scale is a great way for people new to the hobby to get started as they don't have to purchase an expensive quantity of different paint colors.
Games Workshop Squats Epic Warriors  brotherhood
The trickiest bit was having to paint them while they were glued to their stands. It isn't easy to get one's brush in between the models to dab paint on the interior bits. Sometimes I had to paint blind where I'd put my brush approximately where I thought the paint needed to go and then move it toward the model until I'd feel resistance. It was difficult, but the results turned out well.
GW Squats Epic Warriors 6mm Baccus style finished
Next up: maybe more infantry... or an airship?


  1. Beautiful job on this scale, great details and colors!

    1. Hey thanks Phil! I appreciate the comment.

      I'm pleased with the way that they turned out. They were my first foray into 6mm in almost a decade. I had to remember how I did my 6mm Napoleonics to get them to look the right way. This scale is strange in that one is painting for a stand effect, and not each individual model.

      Thanks again for reading!

      - Jeff


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