Super Clean - Stripping Paint Off of Miniatures Tutorial

I went to my local game store with my friend Will and we rummaged through their bits boxes and found some vintage Warhammer 40K Epic miniatures. I ended up with a couple of Eldar Tempest tanks and jetbikes, some Imperial Guard Bombards and Basilisks, as well as a stand of Squat Devastators. I was happy that I only paid $9 for everything, but my joy was tempered by the horrendous paint jobs (well... the Tempests are okay) on them. I knew they needed to be stripped... and there are a ton of ways to strip miniatures. How was I going to do it? I did some research. I decided on Super Clean, formerly known as Castrol Super Clean.

vintage Warhammer 40K Epic, Eldar Tempest, jetbikes, Imperial Guard, Bombards, Basilisks, Squat Devastators
Spoiler Alert: this stuff is amazing. Here's what I did. This really isn't much of a tutorial at all. These are the steps:

Super Clean, paint stripping, paint stripping miniatures
  1. Purchase Super Clean in the purple jug and pour it into plastic container with lid
  2. Drop in minis
  3. Wait 12-24 hours
  4. Wash with toothbrush under warm, soapy water
  5. Be amazed
I've never seen anything like this stuff before. The figures in this photo were only soaked for six hours. Six! I couldn't wait. It didn't matter. The paint fell right off half of the figures as I was pulling them from their Super Clean bath. I mean, it really just fell off. I didn't have to scrub them or anything. The other ones took 15 seconds of light scrubbing with a toothbrush. 

Super Clean, paint stripping miniatures, Epic, 40K, Eldar, Tempest, Bombard, Basilisk, Squat, Devastator

Did I mention that Super Clean is inexpensive, biodegradable, and doesn't smell bad?

WARNING - Don't be stupid: wear gloves when working with this product, unless you enjoy chemical burns on your fingers.

I can't recommend this product enough. It worked on metal and plastic miniatures with no problems. I've even read stories where people have left their miniatures in the stuff for months at a time and the miniatures came out just fine. Have any of you used this before on resin? Let me know in the comments below.