Painting Faces and Hands - WotR Warwick's Retinue, Part 2

Welcome to Part Two of this project where I'll be painting the faces and hands of Warwick's Regiment from the War of the Roses. This project's genesis can be found here.

The miniatures are from Perry and they are so great to paint. The detail is perfect to pick out. Michael has done all of the work up until this point. Now I'm ready to jump in there.

The first step for these figures is to isolate the areas that need painting with a little bit of black. There are a few reasons for this: it delineates exactly what I need to paint, it makes a small border that allows me some mess-up freedom, it gets me familiar with the models, and it adds that fourth and darkest shading on the model (when using the Foundry method of painting).

I took my Raphael Kolinsky 8404 #0 brush in hand and put a few drops of Reaper's MSP Black on my palette. It didn't take long to get what you see here. The rings of black around the hands and faces of the 22 miniatures only took about 30 minutes to complete. Easy! They don't look like much now, but that is because we are so used to seeing faces and bases on our miniatures which adds everything to a model!

The top photo shows what I did very clearly. It looks like he is wearing a black mask. Next up... the quintessential question on 28mm figures! Eyes? No eyes? What do you think? Feel free to comment!


  1. Personally I wouldn't bother painting in fully detailed eyes. Unless you take a lot of time and effort painting the whites of the eyes, the figures will often appear to be in a state of shock with a wide-eyed stare. I now simply dot a pupil with a technical pen, the appearance is quite effective.


    1. Matt - I agree that poorly painted eyes detract from a model. But well painted eyes add a lot. It's a tough call. Sometimes a middle road, as you suggested, is best. Maybe eye sockets darkened with ink is enough?
      - Jeff


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