ASOIAF - Stark Sworn Swords Part 4

The wash is applied and instantly the figures look much better than it did before. What a relief! The chainmail is fully detailed, the shield has a nice grain to it, the metallics are all toned down, and the tabard has some depth. The face is characterful and appears that I took much longer on it than I actually did.

A Song of Ice and Fire Miniatures Stark Sworn Sword Speed Painting SquadPainter
Using the same color wash over the entire figure saves a ton of time! The wash that I used was Army Painter Strong Tone mixed 1:1 with Army Painter Wash Medium. I have never done that before. In the past I've always used washes at 100% strength right out of the pot.

Wash Medium

Adding the wash medium does two things:
  • It thins the wash and makes it more clear. The high parts of the model are almost unaffected by the wash, while the recesses get a nice, dark shade. I like the effect a lot!
  • The medium gives the wash a matte finish. When washes go on at full strength, they can get a little shiny, especially where it pools in the recesses.  This makes everything dead flat.

The next stage is putting a few highlights on the figure and basing it up.