Blood Bowl Skaven Finished

I finished them up! It's very exciting!

Speed Painting Results

Skaven Rats Blood Bowl team finished Scramblers speed painting

My Skaven Blood Bowl team is finally complete. The transfers were applied with the help of Microsol and Microset and then scuffed up a bit with painted scratches. They were varnished with brushed on Humbrol Clear (water based) followed by Army Painter Anti-Shine. Finally, I sprayed Testors Dullcote aiming down onto the flock and base edge (and not worrying if it hit their feet, etc.).

I was especially pleased with the Warpstone football (on the left-most figure above) which was painted a very dark green and then finished off with a drybrushing of a super-bright lime color. The results look great! I like how the green dusts the tail to give an object-source lighting effect.

I also like their little pink eyes!

The Last Few Steps

GW Blood Bowl Skavenblight Speed Painting how-to step by step

Above you can see the figures before I flocked the bases. I used wall spackle to plug those annoying holes. Then I put a spot or two of GW sand/grit with 1:1 Elmer's White glue and water. Finally, I used the old-school sawdust flock for the grassy pitch.

Skavenblight Scramblers alternate color Quick paint Basics basing

Speed Painting Keys to Success

  • Washing the whole figure with one color
  • Quickly applying highlights
  • Drybrushing the light cream color over the whole model for the final highlight (it must be the driest of drybrushing for this to work)
If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comments below.