Friday, August 10, 2018

Blood Bowl - Speed Painting da Humans

It's been a while since I've posted. Having a job cuts into one's free time. But, I haven't been completely idle. Here is proof:
Blood Bowl Humans Lineman Speed Painting Games Workshop SquadPainter Vallejo Game Color Ink-Wash
This is my test Human player from Games Workshop's excellent fantasy football game: Blood Bowl. This lineman is about 80% done. It still needs some metal highlights, decals, and basing.

I decided to follow Duncan's painting method touted on the Games Workshop YouTube channel. He says it's a quick-paint method (base, ink wash, re-base, highlight, second highlight)... but it isn't nearly as fast as some other techniques out there. I'll bet that I could do an Army Painter Blood Bowl player in about half the time. I wonder how he would look? Maybe I should buy another set and find out?

To be fair, some of my time has been spent mixing Vallejo Game Color paints trying to match the current lineup of Games Workshop paints. I am very impressed with the Game Color line and they are my current go-to miniature paints. However... that didn't stop me from ordering a sample set from a brand new line of high-end miniature paints from Cyprus...

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