Speed Painting Space Hulk Terminators - Zenithal Priming

Here are my first few Games Workshop Space Hulk Terminators in progress. One has the zenithal priming completed, and the other shows what it looks like after only one wash of thinned red paint/ink.
The zenithal priming was done with a rattle-can of black and a rattle-can of white. I used Duplicolor Sandable Primer from the local auto parts shop. I've recently switched to Duplicolor from Armory primer and I've been pleased with the results.
The results speak for themselves even after only one coat of color. The gradients look so good. It would take me hours to achieve that sort of result if I were doing it with brushwork only. Look at the kneepad; you can really see it there. The spottiness that is evident at high magnification is not apparent when looking at the miniature with the naked eye. 

It will be fun to see how I do with Thomas David's techniques applied to these Terminators. More photos are coming soon!