Speed Painting with Thomas David - I bought it!

In the midst of speed painting (base, dip, highlight) my Perry War of the Roses Archers I stumbled across a DVD from the excellent Miniature Mentor which claimed to offer an amazing technique for speed painting miniatures with results that looks like this:
Miniature Mentor Speed Painting with Thomas David Review Tutorial

Now, I have a few other DVDs from noted painters such as Jennifer Haley and they are beautiful works of art. But... they truly are for museum quality miniatures or centerpiece generals. Some of the techniques are transferrable, but the overall process doesn't work for a wargamer.

However, this tutorial declares that we can get beautiful results... in just an hour or two per figure! WHAT?!? Well, for $25 I had to have a look at this.

I purchased it. I watched it. I tried it out.

Here are the first steps: airbrushed zenithal highlights with gray, green, and yellow.

You don't need an airbrush. I did the spray can method too. More details will follow!