On the Workbench - War of the Roses Archers

Although work and real life have been getting in the way, I've been painting here and there when I can. Below is a work-in-progress of a retinue of War of the Roses archers.

I am doing the Saxon Dog technique: base colors - Quick Shade Strong Tone - highlight. They have just received their first highlight in this picture. Some details need to be picked out and emblems are needed all around. After that I'll base them up.

Happy Independence Day!


  1. Very nice - I did the same with Minwax Tudor Satin stain. Just finished highlighting and awaiting the arrival of some decals from Citadel and Dom's.

    1. I have them based up now and they look even better with the final details added. I hope your figures are working out the way you want them to. Thanks for being a longtime reader (and commentator).


  2. Really great work here Jeff. Looking forward to seeing them on the table fighting for the Yorkists cause!


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