This Looks Like a Job for Super Clean!

I recently picked up this Epic Squat Land Train off of eBay. The current paint scheme leaves a lot to be desired. It has a pearl finish to it. It is very strange, to say the least.
Squat Land Train paint strip Super Clean GW Epic
The metal is in good shape underneath it. This looks like a job for Super Clean!
GW Epic Squat Land Train 6mm paint strip candidate
I'll put it in a Super Clean bath overnight and get some pictures of it tomorrow. I wonder how long it will take to strip the paint off of these miniatures?


  1. 7 days later, nothing !!!!! It must be as bad as an old Citadel Wizard I've got bathing in some paint remover.

  2. Phil - SuperClean works much faster than my posting speed. Check out today's post!

    **Spoiler Alert** It only took 8 hours.

    Thanks for the comment! Good luck getting your Citadel Wizard cleaned up!


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