Epic Squat Devastator Squad

My nostalgia trip continues with this next group of miniatures: vintage Epic Squat Devastators.
Epic Squats Devastators GW 6mm Heavy Bolter
These were salvaged miniatures that were given a bath in Super Clean. They were then primed black and painted with a basic color palette using Reaper MSP HD paints. The trickiest part was edge highlighting the heavy bolters.
Squadpainter Epic Squat Devastators Heavy Bolter GW Games Workshop vintage
A friend on the Tactical Command forums recommended that I further detail the bolters. I agreed that they needed something else. After doing some research, I decided to pick out the barrel tips and side thingys with a #2 pencil. It only took a few minutes to do and the results look much better. These pictures were taken before the improvements were made. I'll shoot them again in the future and show how they turned out.  Using a pencil to make oily steel is a trick that armor modellers use to great effect.
GW Epic Squats Devastator squad heavy support 6mm painted MSP HD
I'm still very pleased with the beach sand that I use for the gravel on the bases. It scales perfectly with the 6mm figures. I have to be gentle with the drybrushed highlights as there isn't much texture and it would be easy to slop on too much paint and fill in the gaps.