@#%&$!!! I Glued My Fingers Together!

Holy crap! I superglued my fingers together. I've never done that before. It happened so quickly and it took forever to get them unstuck.

Insta-Cure Super Thin Glued my fingers together superglue super-glue stupid

I had just finished pinning some tail sections to some gyrocopter bodies. It was a precision job where the drilled hole was almost as large as the tail boom. The pin was just a little smaller than the bit, so there was a little wiggle. I tried to glue it with some thick Gorilla glue, but it wasn't setting fast enough and the tail sections were flopping around. Grrr!

I decided to use very small balls of Greenstuff to hold everything in place. That worked well. I let the models sit overnight. The next morning everything was stuck together and aligned perfectly. I wanted to make it more permanent, so I thought that I should pick up some extra-thin superglue so that it would capillary into the seams of the two parts and seal them permanently (this is called foreshadowing). I went to Discount Hobbies on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard and grabbed a bottle of InstaCure Super-Thin.
I got the bottle home, and sliced the top bit to open it up. The flow wasn't coming, so I took a safety pin to poke a hole at the nozzle top. That did the trick! As I extracted the safety pin (here it comes) I noted a small drop of glue at the tip. As I rotated the tip skyward, the drop suddenly ran down the length of the pin and into my pinched fingers.

I immediately felt everything stick together. I mean, it was instantaneous. I tried to drop the pin. Nope. I tried to open my fingers. Nope. I tried to feel smart. Nope.

To make a long story short, it took me over 40 painful minutes using nail polish remover and hot soapy water to unstick everything. My fingers were a mess for three days.

I will never, ever, ever, use that superglue again without gloves. Ever. I promise.

Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Frequently. It's like running a pin vise through the model and into your hand / finger. That's always fun.

  2. FireMonkeyBoy - I have not done the pin-vise impalement yet. I have frequently stuck an Exacto knife deep into my finger as an offering to the blood gods. I prefer the #11 blade as my lancet of choice; it gets the job done with a minimum of fuss.

    As I was pin-vise drilling the gyrocopters I used the side of my finger to guide it... and later noticed that the skin was shaved off and I had a red mark. Ugh.

    Pin-vise stabbing sounds very special. I'll have to try that sometime!

    - Jeff

  3. Phil -

    You sound like a veteran finger gluer. Do you have any tips on how to get them unstuck? I heard that acetone works like magic, but it took a looooooong time for me.

    - Jeff

  4. Yes to finger gluing and yes the pin-vise drilling. I've also managed to glue my lips together (trying to be clever by holding the bottle top in my mouth as my hands were full).

  5. Matt - Oh, aha ha ha! I'm sorry, but gluing the lips together is pretty funny. I'm sorry!

    That's a good safety tip, though! Don't put hobby supplies in one's mouth.

    How in the world did you unstick your mouth?

    - Jeff


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