Epic Squat Mole Mortar Detachments

I recently finished up two detachments of Squat Mole Mortars to go along with my previously painted Thudd Gun detachment. Each detachment is made up of five stands. I can deploy them individually, or combine the Thudds with the Moles and make a Grand Battery. The combined firepower ought to soften up the enemy before my troops wade in.
Epic Squat NetEpic Mole Mortar 6mm Reaper MSP HD Games Workshop
I like having the Squat figures next to them as it makes the stand more interesting. It also gave me something to do with the Warrior figures with the gun barrels snapped off. These were salvaged miniatures and some were in pretty sad shape. After a quick paint stripping and they were ready to be reborn.
Epic Squat NetEpic Mole Mortar 6mm Reaper MSP HD GW Retro
I used Reaper MSP HD paints as well as Vallejo Model Air Metallics over a black prime coat. The VMA Metallic black is an interesting color. I used it on the barrel of the Mole Mortar. It has a subtle sheen to it.
Everything is mounted on stands from Flames of War. They work really well for this work. They are slightly larger than the retro standard Epic square stands. It gives me the opportunity to make more of a diorama effect.
Epic Squat NetEpic Mole Mortar 6mm Vallejo Model Air Metallic Stripped miniature
I am definitely enjoying my return to my roots with this 6mm NetEpic painting. Units get finished up very quickly. Next up: more infantry!


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