Epic Squat Thudd Gun Detachment

I have been on a bit of a nostalgia kick recently. One of the very first miniature wargames that I ever played was Epic Space Marine.

Epic Squat Thudd Gun Detachment NetEpic 40K

It captured my imagination! I loved the idea of huge tabletop battles with troops clashing over sweeping terrain. The small scale grabbed onto me, moreso than 15mm or 28mm at the time. From that game I dabbled in a few other GW games, but the interest in the small scale led me toward my first proper historical miniatures wargame: Grande Armee with 6mm Baccus Napoleonic troops. Someday I'll post some pictures of those efforts, as I still have the figures in my garage. But for now, here is my most recent work:

Epic Squat Thudd Gun Detachment NetEpic WH40K

These are my first stands of my NetEpic army: a detachment of Squat Thudd Guns. They were a lot of fun to paint. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed painting small scale miniatures.

Epic Squat Thudd Gun Detachment NetEpic Warhammer 40K W40K

I went for a classic, retro look with them and a simple paint job using Reaper MSP HD paints and Vallejo Air Metallics. I'm pleased with the results... especially with the basing grit size and the Silflorettes Moss Pads.