Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British Cavalry

Here are two more pictures of my first efforts painting historical miniatures many years ago. These figures are from Baccus and they are British Hussars. They were painted with a black undercoat and Vallejo Model color paints. The bright colors make them stand out well on the stand.

I tried to fill up the base with the cavalry, but I was only marginally successful here. I do like how I did the lines somewhat wavy. It looks very organic to me. I'm also pleased with the casualty in the front.
As I mentioned before, I am a much better painter now, and I know a lot more about the period. Were I to paint some more, I'd definitely pick out more detail, such as facial hair and pelisse details. I was looking at my Baccus stash in the garage last weekend. Maybe I should paint a few up?



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    1. I went for brighter colors to make the figures pop at that scale. Thanks for the comment!


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