Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British - Second Regiment

Here are two quick pictures of my second regiment that I painted. They are the ones with the blue regimental flag.
Baccus 6mm British Infantry Grande Armee Static Grass
Even though I did it years ago, I still like it a lot. 6mm is fun because you get to make interesting dioramas on the large bases. Take a look at the two officers in the background chatting on horseback.
Baccus 6mm British Riflemen Infantry Grande Armee Woodland Scenics  diorama
I wonder what that officer is saying to that infantryman in the rear? Asking a question, or exhorting him forward? I really should pull out Grande Armee and play those rules!

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  1. They look ace! What Base sizes are they? 60x60mm?

    1. They were originally created to play Grande Armee. That ruleset suggested a 3" square base so that is what I used. I suppose that one could use any sized square base, as long as one was consistent.

      The base material is thick plasticard that I cut to size.

      Next up... the French! Stay tuned!


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