Baccus 6mm Napoleonic British Infantry

Good morning! Here is a look at a few of my first historical wargame figures. They are Napoleonic British 6mm miniatures. I painted these up well over a decade ago.

The British surge forward with skirmishers deployed!

After watching a short game of 15mm Napoleon's Battles at a local game store and reading an article about the merits of 6mm, I was hooked. I purchased a whole pile of lead from Baccus consisting of 6mm British and French Napoleonic figures. I also picked up a copy of Sam Mustafa's Grande Armee.

These are some of my first efforts. My early ones had washes and highlights and they looked okay, but they were a little muddy. Then I switched to the black undercoat method with dotted bright colors. These look better at a distance (and up close) and they are what is shown based up here. They are much more tidy when compared to my first figures. I'll put a picture up comparing the two techniques soon.

Stragglers hurry to catch up to the line.

I knew that I wanted to base them with a lot of figures crammed on there, so that's what I did.

Every once in a while I get the urge to pull them out and pick up where I left off. I still have my copy of Grande Armee. I have all of the unpainted lead. I also have little resin houses and small scale trees. I have visions of masses of troops surging across the smoky battlefields of Europe. The Eagles call to me.