Up Front Expansions Banzai and Desert War Reprinted

GREAT NEWS! One of the best, most innovative wargames ever is having its expansions reprinted. Up Front Banzai and Up Front Desert War are now available from Wargame Vault. That is very good news. This is from the Wargame Vault website about Banzai:
With permission from Wizards of the Coast / Avalon Hill, Wargame Vault has digitally re-mastered the original components of Banzai. This complete re-creation of the original release includes everything originally published (except the original box!) with several extra features and new accessories.
Up Front Banzai Expansion Jungle Action Deck Wargame Vault
Image from Wargame Vault 
In speaking to the Up Front community, players wanted terrain cards specific to Banzai to better represent the terrain, so we had artist Jeff Holt create new art in the style of the original cards to represent the terrain and created all new terrain cards with stats for the specific Jungle terrain changes from the rule book incorporated onto the new cards.
You also get premium printed mini-cards depicting the infantry personalities and heavy weapons for the British and Japanese, and leader cards used with American Up Front squads to depict American Marines. These cards are re-created from high-quality scans of the original cards and have known errata corrected. In addition there are premium printed poker-size Vehicle Cards for the British and Japanese from Banzai. These cards are also re-created from high-quality scans of the original cards and have had known errata corrected. 

The Desert War expansion has the same treatment: a desert themed action deck and cards for the French and Italians. This game is so great that it led me to spend hours creating my own counters for it. My friends and I have played it a number of times and each game has been filled with clever tactics, suspense, and deep gameplay. I'm so pleased that Wargame Vault has made this classic available to us.

It is official: Battlegroup: Blitzkrieg and GMT's Unconditional Surrender will have to wait a few more months to be added to my collection.

Attention Wargame Vault: take my money!