Plastic Soldier Company Soviet T-34 Completed

I finished up another model for my Battlegroup Kursk "Clash of Reconnaissance" scenario! The Russian T-34 looks really good. It only took a few minutes to assemble so I was able to spend most of my time on the finishing.

Plastic Soldier Company Russian T-34 PSC 1/72 scale
Another model completed!
I really like the PSC line of products. They are a wargamer's dream as you can assemble a sizable force quickly. Most of my time was spent weathering it after the airbrushing. The scar across the "24" looks fantastic! It was easy to do: a stroke of dark gray followed by a light yellow-green under it. Easy!

Plastic Soldier Company Soviet T-34 PSC 1/72 scale Battlegroup Kursk
Maybe I was a little heavy on the rust on that front track?
The decals were great to apply using MicroSol and MicroSet. I used ones from Flames of War. Even though they are smallish on a 1/72 scale model, I think that it makes the tank look bigger. The FoW decals are far superior to the UM ones that I used on the truck and scout tank. I painted on Vallejo gloss to give the decals a good surface to adhere to. Then I sprayed them with Vallejo Flat Varnish to kill the gloss. 

Plastic Soldier Company Soviet T-34 PSC 1/72 scale
Look at the pencil mark on the top of that turret!
Using the pencil to simulate exposed metal worked like a charm. There is a good example of it on the upper part of the turret. I also used a pencil on the treads. For weathering powders and oil marks I used the AK line of products. As usual, I think that I might have overdone the powder in a few areas. Oh well.

Plastic Soldier Company Soviet T-34 PSC 1/72 scale rear of tank
The oily stuff coming out of the tailpipes looks good
I am still learning my way around plastic model kits. I've made more than a few mistakes, but that's okay. I am still very happy with the results!


  1. Subtle, but the more I look, the more I see. Nice job!

    1. FMB - Thank you. Like I said, I am still figuring this whole thing out. These are models for the table AND learning tools. I try to go easy on myself as I experiment... and mess things up! - Jeff

  2. Good job, I really like how you got a nice level of weathering (not too much or little). I agree that gouge across the "24" is fantastic.

    1. Colonel - Thank you for reading! Yes, the mark across the "24" is the highlight for me. I was nervous when I did it, but it finishes that side of the tank brilliantly. It also blends in the decal with the rest of the model. I'll be sure to do that in future builds. - Jeff


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