BGK - Clash of Reconnaissance: Overview

Here is a list of the forces required for Battlegroup Kursk's first scenario: Clash of Reconnaissance. After each item is the kit/model that I am using and whether or not it has been purchased and, if not, how much I will be spending.

  • Grenadier Platoon - AB Figures 50% purchased
    • 50mm PaK38 anti tank gun and truck tow - Italeri kit purchased
  • SdKfz 232 Armoured car - Roden kit ($10) or Dragon kit ($20)
  • SdKfz 233 Armoured car - Roden kit ($10)
  • reserve  Pz IV G tank - PSC kit - purchased

  • Rifle Platoon - PSC kit 57 figures - purchased
    • Anti-tank rifle team - PSC Heavy Weapons kit ($15)
    • 82mm mortar team - PSC Heavy Weapons kit
    • 45mm L66 anti-tank gun and truck tow - PSC kit gun ($15) / UM kit GAZ-AAA ($10)
  • Sniper and spotter team - ??
  • BA-10 Armoured car - UM Models kit ($14)
  • T-70 light tank - PSC kit ($16)
  • reserve  T-34 tank - PSC kit - purchased
The items that have been purchased are all in some state of build and/or painting!

As I continue to make my foray into this fascinating scale of 20mm/1:72 World War II miniatures, I am continually impressed at how inexpensive it is to collect an army. Compared to a Flames of War force or a Games Workshop army, gathering these forces has been a treatise on the benefits of competition benefitting the consumer. There are many rulesets to choose from ranging in cost from free to expensive, Xeroxed to glossy full-color, and niche to all-encompassing. The models follow this pattern as well: detailed and complicated with 100's of parts all the way to prepainted and ready to go. Some are expensive. Some are not.

What a great time to be a wargamer!


  1. I REALLY like this idea, pitting light fast forces against each other. I especially look forward to you making the BA-10s,

    1. Stephen - I like the idea of scout tanks and vehicles clashing as well. Having Tigers and other monstrous vehicles in every battle is such a cliche that it is boring to me now. It should be exciting when one of those beasts shows up!

      The BA-10 kit from UM models showed up on Friday! I am excited to build and paint it up!

      - Jeff


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