Winter War Soviets - Paint Mixes

A few of you have asked to know the paint mixes that I used for these 20mm Winter War Russians. I took a picture of my formula sheet that I created and referenced while painting.

I find that if I don't make a record of the colors that I use, I'll forget the formulas and then have to reinvent everything when I come back to the project after I invariably get interested in another period or scale.

All paints were from the Reaper Master Series Paints MSP HD line. They offer excellent coverage... even with traditionally difficult colors like red and yellow. All mixes are 1:1 unless otherwise noted. A "T" with a circle around it means a trace of the color was used (usually by dipping just the tip of a brush into the color and adding it to a normal sized blob of another color on the palette). The gold was from the excellent Vallejo Model Air metallics line.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section. Keep painting!