Painting Faces and Hands - WotR Warwick's Retinue, Part 4

The original idea for this project has been posted about here. Okay, we left off with the eyes floating in a brownish gravy color. Now it is time to start in with the fun part: the skin! Here is a shot of the with the base tone applied. As you can see, that initial skin tone makes a huge difference in the model.

Whereas before the eyes looked googly and weird, now things are starting to come together. It is funny how a simple application of paint makes something that looks strikingly odd look, well, normal. If that isn't enough, here is the mid tone color applied.

Now we are talking! These four miniatures are looking very nice now. Once the highlight is applied they will look even better. Many times when I am painting I'll be early on in the process and I wonder if the miniatures will look good or not when they are done. You just have to have faith in the process!

Things are moving along nicely. The only thing left on these models will be adding the flesh highlight and the lip color. We are almost done!


  1. Keep the posts coming - might encourage me to drag my medievals out of the drawer.

  2. Jeff, I hope we can show some before and after pictures of the Warwick's. Inspired by your excellent brush work on the faces, I've tried to make the rest of the figures a little more worthy than when you stepped in to help me. I think after a little corrective work this Craft Day, they will be ready for a final photoshoot!

  3. Michael -

    We will definitely take some final pictures of the troops! That will be fun!

    - Jeff

  4. Guidowg - I'll keep posting on these until completion. Wait until you see Michael's work on the flags... they look fantastic!

    You should dust off those figures and get painting.

    Thanks for the comment!

    - Jeff


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