Painting Faces and Hands - WotR Warwick's Retinue, Part 3

Well, to make a long story short... we are doing the eyes! The photo below shows the very humble beginnings of the face. It is a black base with a dark brown raccoon mask sort of thing in the eye sockets.

It looks pretty bad right now. But things will improve with more paint. After the darker brown paint dries, I put a sandy colored lines in for the eyes. I don't get too hung up on whether or not the lines are too thick or too long. I just want to get them in there. After that I dot a pupil with a darker brown and let everything dry.

When that is done we are left with some perfect eyes... and some not-so-perfect eyes. But that's okay! Many of them can be easily fixed by cutting in with the original brown base color. Cutting in is much easier than it seems and goes a long way toward fixing shaky hand painting errors. After cutting in I found that only one of the 22 models needed to be done over.

So here we are! I'm excited to get moving with the base coat of flesh because things still look pretty scruffy right now.


  1. Every credit in painting the eyes on these models, I find Perry minis to be almost too realistic-and hard to paint. I look forward to your method and results, good luck!

  2. Indeed, the look menacing already now! You could do the eyes with a fine pen-liner (0,1mm) - that could give a good effect. Fantastic work you do, as always.

  3. Solo - Thanks for the kudos. I agree with you that some miniatures are easier to paint than others. I find Perry's stuff to be nicely sculpted and easy to pick out details. Front Rank and Crusader also are at the top of my list. Front Rank faces are particularly easy for me to paint. - Jeff

  4. Peter - I've tried pens before and I have never had good luck with them. I always mark up the brows, cheeks, etc. I've seen others get great results... but not me. Oh well. The brush works fine. Maybe I'll try a pen again on another batch?

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

    - Jeff


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