Painting Faces and Hands - WotR Warwick's Retinue, Part 1

After the success of our initial collaboration (found here), Michael and I decided to keep the ball rolling and he shipped off a box of miniatures to me. He has been doing the initial painting and then I come in and paint up some parts that he's not comfortable with... like faces and hands! Then he gets them back and finishes them up and bases them. Fun!

I opened it yesterday to find Warwick's Retinue contained therein! Excellent! I was really excited to get them in the mail.

There are 22 figures in all from the Perry Plastics range. They are in various stages of painting, but they all need the same thing: faces and hands detailed.

I can do that! I don't know how long it will take me to complete it, but I'll have time during the baby's naps to get after them.

I'll be using the Foundry aka Kevin Dallimore method for the skin. That's painting a base/midtone/highlight over a black background so that you get four tone varieties on the figure. So that leads me to my first step on these figures...