La Didon 36 (1803) by Langton Models - Painting the Hull

I am just starting to work on the outside of the hull with the inside deck area being almost done.

You can see that I added the highlights to the deck. They look a little heavy-handed when zoomed in on, but under normal vision (or slight magnification) it looks pretty good.

The hull colors are a little sloppy, but I tighten up the painting as I go along the process... fixing things here and highlighting things there.

So far, so good. The bulwark green color really makes the red gun carriages stand out. On these shots the color looks a little bright, but when you are painting small figures, the paint colors need to be brightened slightly so that they can be discerned by the viewer.

I didn't touch the sails, but I'll be on them soon enough. Most of my time hasn't been spent painting, but instead trying to figure out what the little bits are that I see and figuring out what color they should be. I still have no idea what those bumpy ridges are on the top of the bulwarks... and what color should that bump be on the stern-most portion of the deck? I painted it a wood color. Is that correct? Should it have been green? Any help would be appreciated!