La Didon 36 (1803) by Langton Models - Painting

The 36-gun frigate La Didon was freshly primed and awaiting its first strokes of paint. I decided to work on the sails and deck first. It was weird painting over a white primer. Normally I use Armory Black. I used my usual set of Citadel 13 paints... sort of.

The deck was first painted with a mix of TLO + White. Then the gun carriages were picked out with Wazdakka Red. After that I used a wash of Agrax Earthshade Brown ink. Now, I know you purists out there are yelling that I used a 14th color! I know. We'll just have to get over it. Normally I don't do a wash on my models because I don't like the way it looks, but I thought that it would be easy and quick to get the look that I was aiming for using that technique.

I think that it turned out pretty well. The wash jumped right into the lines between the boards and it also pooled and shaded well around the gun carriages. Perfect! I'll go back in and highlight everything on principle.

I struggled with mixing the proper sail color. First it was too peach/fleshy. Then it was too yellow/butter-creamy. I think that I found a good canvas color with this mix: White + (t) TLO + drop of Agrax Earthshade Brown ink.

Next up is highlighting the deck with its original color, brightening the carriages and picking out other details. The sails are prepped for whatever is going to happen next as I don't have an exact plan figured out for them yet!

LEGEND - White Scar, Abbadon Black, Flash Gitz Yellow, Yriel Yellow, Tau Light Ochre, Skrag Brown, Doombull Brown, Evil Sunz Scarlet, Wazdakka Red, Altdorf Guard Blue, Kantor Blue, Teclis Blue, Kabalite Green , (t) is a trace of the color.


  1. Nice work so far. Those Langton models really deserve a lot of effort painting them.

  2. Vladdd - Thanks! Some stuff comes quickly, and other times I am feeling my way around in the dark. It is my first ship, so I know that I'll get some stuff wrong. But I am trying not to worry about it... which isn't easy!

    I should get some time today to do some more painting!

    - Jeff

  3. It's off to a great-looking start Jeff! And I think you came up with a great canvas color for the sails. Looking forward to seeing it going forward!
    - James

    1. Thanks James! It took me a few mixes before I was able to figure out those sails. My second ship will go a lot faster without all of this second-guessing.

      Prepare yourself for one or two questions when it comes time for the rigging. Ha ha! - Jeff


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