First Order of Langton 1:1200 Napoleonic Ships

Behold my latest obsession: Langton 1:1200 scale Napoleonic ships! Watching Master & Commander and playing Clash of Arm's Close Action has taken its toll on my wallet. I was so excited when I saw the box in Friday's post... I just placed my order earlier that week. That's great service!

I wanted to get a number of different styles and build types in order to try out the different options available from Langton. Here's the list:

British 74 at Easy Sail with Courses Furled (metal)

French 80 at Easy Sail with Courses Furled (brass)

British 38 (at quarters gunports open) at Easy Sail with Courses Furled (metal)

French 36 at Easy Sail (metal)

Each of the above was ordered with photo-etched brass ratlines and a textured resin base. So, as you can see, I have a good fleet to begin with.

As this is my first attempt at assembling, painting and rigging in this scale, I am leaning heavily on those who have gone before me. Specifically, I have found the impeccible J. White's Gallery and an extraordinary German painter to be inspiring.


  1. Great choice, these are the best. I bought some a few years ago but felt I was not up to doing the models justice and sold them on eBay. You wil do a great job.

  2. Thanks Michael! I went back-and-forth between the Langton and GMT models. I the detail on both is excellent.

    I just started painting them yesterday. I'll post pictures soon!

    - Jeff


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