Army Painter Quickshade - Perry French Napoleonic Command Stand

Here are a few elements of the command stand and a figure for the Voltigeur stand. They are in their pre-Quickshade stage. Almost everything has been painted on with the exception of a few bits and bobs.

Their hair needs color and the standard bearer looks like he's been eating wild strawberries. I'll have to fix those things. I'll blacken some buttons and bags as well.

This is the first time that I have done the French with their white uniforms using the base-Dip-highlight technique. The strong tone is a dark brown which works really well on greatcoats but so-so on the white trousers. I wonder how these figures will look?


  1. It'll be fine - you can always go back and add highlights if you find areas too dark. Also, if you're patient enough, you can dab away pooled areas before they dry completely. Best, Dean

    P.S. your previous guys look great

  2. Dean -

    I'm sure that you are right. But I do have some concerns about all of the brown dip over the white. I don't want the uniforms to look too dirty, just shaded.

    I was thinking about possibly mixing a 50:50 mix of Strong and Dark tone for those figures... and maybe just use the Strong on the hands and face. Maybe I'll do that on a figure in the future.

    - Jeff


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