Army Painter Quickshade - Perry French Napoleonic Infantry Part 2

Here are the figures after the dip and after having a few highlights applied. As usual, the Army Painter Quickshade Strong Tone has done the hard work for me and made the figures look great.

I'm always nervous before I apply the Quickshade... will the figures turn out okay? I don't know why I worry: every one has turned out better than I expected!

They look a little shiny because the varnish has not been applied yet.

I always like the Terracotta color that goes on the lower lip. On the palette it looks like garish lipstick, but a tiny dot of it on the figure brings out the mouth nicely.
A quick highlight here and there followed by some matt varnish will bring them to the finish line.

I haven't highlighted the straps or pants yet. The white will clean them up a bit and they won't look nearly as muddy.


  1. Looks good , have never tried Quickshade myself but am impressed with your results

  2. Mosstrooper - Thanks! I was an unbeliever as well until I saw David Imrie's figures. I am a huge fan of his and he was getting excellent results. I had to try it and I was very pleased with how they turned out. The key for me is to brush the Quickshade on and not to let it pool. After that a few quick highlights and varnish and your figure is done!

    Thanks again for your words of support!

    - Jeff

  3. Excellent work Jeff. No more 6mm's for you!

  4. Michael - Ha ha! But the little guys paint up so quickly!


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