Maurice Rules on Sale!

I received an email yesterday from Sam Mustafa Publishing that I thought I should share. Maurice is currently my favorite miniatures ruleset. When my friend Michael and I played a quick game with a couple of units on each side, it gave us a wonderful time filled with exciting action and an intriguing ebb and flow of fortune! When I read my email and saw that the rules and card set were on sale, I realized that all gentlemen of quality and ladies in high standing ought to know.


How can you say "No" to a game that features an action card entitled "O The Gout, The Gout"? Ha ha!

The Maurice Flyer should give you a good overview of the game itself. There is a lot of support for the game on the Honour website. If you have been considering dabbling into the Seven Years War period, you couldn't do better than ordering Maurice, especially with it being 30% off!


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    1. Absolutely, Michael! All people of high morals and above-average intelligence owe it to themselves to have this tome and cards in their library. As 2013 continues to unfold I hope that we can field my Swiss regiment in future Maurice battles! - Jeff


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