Clash of Reconnaissance - Russian Infantry Completed!

Great news! I have finished painting and basing the Russian Rifle Infantry! I think that the Plastic Soldier kit figures look very good finished up... even using my game-table painting standard. The Soviets in Summer Uniform was a great way to get a lot of good-looking figures on the table quickly for a reasonable price.

They were first sprayed Tamiya Dark Yellow, then quickly basecoated, Army Painter dipped and highlighted on a few spots (skin, metal, etc.). I painted on a Pebeo matt varnish after that (mixed 1:1 with water).

Then they were glued to English pennies, based and flocked. I custom-cut the bases for the machine gunners and loaders.

I think that they turned out pretty well. I especially like the steel on the rifles: black paint with a #2 pencil rubbed on it a bit. It was quick and easy to give the metal an dark, oily steel look!

Truth be told, I have eight more figures to base because I ran out of English pennies. Dang it! My supplier has not come through for me yet. But it will only take me 15-30 minutes or so to stick the remaining miniatures on there, so I am counting the unit as complete!


  1. SquadPainter, the figures look great! The faces look well animated, that army painter dip really makes nice contrast in recesses. The metal of guns looks nice, and I can't wait to try pencil trick. You are making me itching to paint up figures. I just need to chisel out some time to do so. Question. Was dark yellow and Army painter what made up your uniform color or did you put down another color for uniform before dipping? As I replied in comments on your "Tumbling Dice" post, I'm excited about this period and looking forward to building Army & checking out Battlegroup Kursk. Thanks for keeping me charged on painting and gaming. Tank Taco

    1. TT - Yes, the Army Painter Dip makes it look like I spent a lot longer on the figures than I actually did. Some of the shading is superior to my best 3-color work.

      As for the color of the jacket, it is just Tamiya Dark Yellow sprayed out of their aerosol can (that was the first color on the model and I used it as a primer coat... killed two birds with one stone). I primeNo highlights. Then dipped. And then no highlights. - Jeff

  2. They look great. I can't wait to face them with my Finns.

    1. Will - You don't want to face pointy-hatted Russians? Ha ha!

      Your Finns look great and I am excited to face off with them soon! - Jeff


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