UM Models GAZ-AAA - Airbrushed!

Like other UM Models, the GAZ-AAA truck is made up of a lot of little pieces that challenge the builder. Whenever I finish building a UM kit I feel a huge sense of satisfaction!

As I did on the BA-10, I first primed this model black and then commenced airbrushing.

I used the exact same colors as I did on the BA-10: Tamiya XF4 1:1 XF58 for the base and then Tamiya XF4 2:1 XF58 for the center panel highlights (both thinned 1:1 with Tamiya Thinner). I can tell that I am getting better with my airbrush. I have a lot more control now and I am getting better at spraying smaller panels and areas. I am also getting a better feel for the paint/air mixture that sprays out.

The colors look great and I know that after the pinwash, chipping and weathering that this model will look very nice on the table.

I can't decide if I am going to keep the truck bed green, or if I should give it an unfinished wood color. I think that it ought to have some stowage in there, but I don't know a good 20mm manufacturer for that sort of stuff yet. I have heard of a company called "Black Dog"(?) that might be worth looking into. We'll see!


  1. Oh very very nice. I do like you technique of spraying over a black undercoat. I will have to investigate that myself (once I have my new airbrush up and running). Very well done! :)

    1. Stephen - I picked up that tip over on The Guild forum. It seems to work pretty well. I like how it provides instant shading, even before I spray a second color. - Jeff


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