SYW Swiss Eptingen - Basecoating Continues

Although I have recently been preoccupied with my 20mm WWII efforts, I have not neglected my Seven Years War Swiss regiment!

As you can see I have done the majority of the base colors. I have even popped the eyes in with a sandy-white color. The Raphael 8404 brush makes this step a piece of cake.

The straps and kit are almost completed with their basecoat colors as well. I am still mixing all of the colors from my Citadel range of 13 paints. I am looking forward to getting this regiment completed soon. They will look great based with their standards!

I enjoy having a few ongoing projects at one time. Although it may take a while to complete certain tasks, mixing things up once in a while keeps everything fresh.


  1. I give you a lot of credit. I paint my army figures 4-5 at a time to avoid have quite the lot going there. What's your secret to avoid painter burnout?(or is this not an issue for you)

    1. Gareson - This is a particularly large number of troops. I normally do a stand at a time or so. Only recently have I been going for big batches.

      The thing is that I love to paint and I would do much more of it, but my job gets in the way. Life gets in the way. I normally try to wake up early and paint in the morning for 30 minutes each day. But these past 10 days I have not picked up a brush at all... and I hate it!

      I have been to your blog and I am so impressed by the amount of output that you achieve. Sometimes I wish that I was faster.

      - Jeff

    2. My problem is that I will have 4-5 weeks of high output then I burnout...trying to force myself to slow down. I hear ya about work...when it's an especially busy time for me I hate walking past a batch of eternally "work in progress" figures.

    3. Gareson - I would love to have 4 weeks of high output! Ha ha! I tend to be slow and steady. Well, maybe just slow. My infidelity towards projects is a constant problem. I'll be all in on a group of 28mm French infantry, then I'll see a book about WWII and I'm off to do 20mm Russians and Germans. I am ridiculous... no better than a magpie flapping from one shiny object to the next. - Jeff

    4. Great analogy....I am very much the same. So glad my wife tolerates my silly horde of untainted figures of every genre that "I had to have" at the time.

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