My Christmas 2012 List - BGK, MIG Pigments, AB Figures...

I would say that my #1 item on my list would be Battlegroup Kursk! This ruleset looks like a ton of fun and I love the production value of the book as well as the inspirational pictures within. Look at this amazing scene from the game! I have a strong feeling that my family took the hint and will be wrapping up a copy for me to open on December 25th.

Next, it would have to be some MIG Pigments! Now that I am doing some 1/72 WWII armor, I need to get started with weathering those tanks. I've never tried it before, but I am looking forward to experimenting. I found this link by Piers on the Guild Wargamers Forum which is a great tutorial.

After that I would say that AB Figures would be on there as well as some German 1/72 armor from Plastic Soldier Company punched up with metal barrels (I have no idea where to get those yet). 

I would like to get some Early War German armor kits, but I am uncertain which company makes what I would need: not too expensive, quick to assemble and medium-high detail. I wonder if resin would be the way to go?

So, near the bottom of my Christmas list there are more questions than answers, but I am working on it. I hope that everyone gets what they want under their tree this Christmas and best of luck getting your shopping done on time!