Armourfast Panzer III Ausf. J - Part 2

What a different experience this is compared to the Italeri kit! I am only 15 minutes into the kit and it feels like I am almost halfway done!

The body was a two piece assembly and the tracks and wheels are all one piece. Now, granted the treads look nowhere near as nice as the Italeri ones do, but I can appreciate how quickly this makes the process go.

I was thinking about magnetizing the turret so that it can rotate, but I think that I will leave that for future kits. For these early ones I just want to get the parts in the right place and get them airbrushed, decaled and weathered properly.

Most of the tank is together at about 25 minutes in. There are some smaller pieces (hatch covers, etc.) that need to be glued on next to finish it up. The running gear area looks a little bland. I wonder if I could do something with that?