Games Workshop Space Hulk - Three More Genestealers Completed

I needed a quick break from painting so much red and yellow so I switched to blue and purple. These Games Workshop Genestealers are beautifully detailed plastic models. Even if you don't like sci-fi miniatures, you have to appreciate their sculpting.

I realized that I had the remaining nine about two-thirds of the way done. They were all basecoated, washed and had their first highlight. I thought that it would be fun to grab a few and see them to the finish line. Two are bursting through the floor and the third has just taken a Space Wolves Terminator out to the woodshed. Instead of having the aliens battling the Blood Marines featured on the box and rules, I thought that it would be more interesting to have these Genestealers ripping up all sorts of different chapters of Space Marines who in the past foolishly ventured into the hulk. Because I normally paint historicals, it would give me a chance to spread my wings a bit. 



For the most part they turned out pretty well. I especially like the free-handed Space Wolves logo. I don't like the shoulder pad weathering, though. Live and learn!


  1. Skin tones on the stealer are ace. Weathering is hard to tell - seems to vary from one angle to another, maybe?

    Have you done any of the termies from the set?

  2. Oh dear that reminds me I have the boxed set not touched yet !

  3. FMB - I tried to use the GW instructions on how to paint the Genestealers from their website. I think that they turned out pretty good. I used brown ink to darken the yellow shoulder pad and it didn't turn out very well. I don't have an opportunity to weather stuff too much painting historicals and it showed. But it was fun to experiment and now I know how not to do it, right?

    MossTrooper - How could you have that box untouched?!? After I got my box from eBay I tore right into it. Now, it has taken me a while to paint the models because I chose the most complicated painting method ever on those 'Stealers, but at least I got started! Ha ha!


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