Craft Day - Dark Vengeance, Perry War of the Roses, Space Hulk and Ham Sandwiches

Last Saturday I attended another wonderful Craft Day up at Michael's home in Laguna Niguel. For the uninitiated, Will, Michael and I get together every month or so for a Saturday and spend our time talking about history, reviewing the latest drama on TMP, discussing miniatures, driving to Brookhurst Hobbies, playing fetch with the dachshunds, comparing different paints and color schemes, eating savory dinners... oh, and sometimes we paint our miniatures!

Every time we get together our table is filled to overflowing with miniatures, paints, bases and terrain, and this time was no different. Michael was working on his excellent War of the Roses figures. He was applying GW's Nuln Oil wash to great effect over the previously dry-brushed armor. Michael recently stumbled across the excellent ruleset "A Crown of Paper" and he is under its spell. He printed out all of the counters and carefully mounted them on cardstock (which was no small task). Will and Michael played two games and split them. These fun rules are driving Michael to finish 100 WotR figures so that we can play the tactical portion of the game with proper miniatures. 

Will was working quickly on his Dark Angels from his recently purchased Dark Vengeance boxed set for Warhammer 40,000. He has already finished a fine squad of tactical Space Marines and was painting on some bikes when we wrapped up.

I was taking a short break from painting red and yellow Swiss infantry to painting some Space Hulk Genestealers. I finished one and brought a number of others along nicely. We all finished the day in good spirits and with thoughts of scheduling another Craft Day soon. If you don't get together with your friends to paint, you really ought to. You learn a lot from each other and it helps to keep you motivated when you hit a wall on a project.


  1. I remember doing this years ago when I lived out east. Not usually as productive, but always fun!

  2. FMB - I agree; I am sure that most of the time I get more done when I am by myself. But when you can get your friends to collaborate with you it is amazing how many miniatures a group can finish in an afternoon!

  3. Jeff

    This is how it is! Good times!


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