La Grande Expérience - Front Rank Seven Years War: Swiss Eptingen Infanterie

There it is! My new project is a Swiss regiment based for Sam Mustafa's excellent Maurice ruleset. I decided on the d'Eptingen regiment because I loved their colorful uniform and their flag was amazing! Also, Michael already had my first three choices that I was going to do.

Michael and Ioannis both agreed that Front Rank would be a good choice for these troops. I put some on order from Triangle Miniatures and a few days later they showed up! Huzzah! Thanks for getting my order to me so quickly, Buddy!

I had already worked out a few triads for flesh, red, yellow and white and I was eager to get started. As you can see above, things are off to an auspicious beginning thus far. I have already painted the base skin tone and eyes on my first six figures (the Raphael brushes make it a piece of cake). The actual colors are somewhere between those two photos. I'll detail my mixes in future posts. I have been trying to stick to certain guidelines:
  • Try to only mix two colors
  • Keep the ratios simple i.e.  1:1, 2:1, etc.
There's more to come next post! Here's a preview: I already broke my rules.