Balance & Symmetry - Assembling Victrix and Wargames Factory Miniatures

There are many posts online from people complaining about the amount of assembly required from the 28mm plastic figures from Wargames Factory and Victrix. They say that there are too many bits to stick on the model and that it takes too much time. This is astonishing to me as I remember not too long ago when people (probably the same) were complaining because there weren't enough variations of figure poses.
I believe that those who complain about the multi-part plastics are not happy with the results are probably not doing a good job putting them together because, when figures are assembled properly, they add an amazing, dynamic feeling to a regiment. When glued together poorly, they look like awkward marionettes with nobody holding the strings. Look at the arm and leg positions on this Zulu warrior.
The reason that he looks so smooth and dynamic is because he is balanced! What I mean by that is that when our bodies move, one thing must counteract another. For instance, when walking your left leg goes forward at the same time as your right arm. When stepping forward with with your right leg your left arm swings to the front. This relationship keeps us upright and balanced.
Even though this Zulu is racing forward at an angle, his body looks like it won't fall over. Take this knowledge to your miniature assembling. Ensure that the arms and legs are balanced. Start at the legs (as most of the time they are fixed in place). If the left leg is forward, the right arm should be as well. If the right arm is forward, the left arm should be back.