Zulus - First Batch Completed

Here is my first batch of Zulus with their basing completed.

I think that their skin turned out pretty well. I think that the faces are okay. I found out that I love painting their shields! I tried to follow the sources that I found to try my best to make them historically accurate. I also attempted to give them some depth by leaving the edges of the shield colors darker so that it highlighted the transition... as if there was darker skin under the white hair. I also put some texture in the black cowhide with some gray dashes. It didn't take long at all and I like the effect.

I always forget how much better figures look when they are based. It elevates a mediocre paint job. I was surprised at how quickly they painted up.

Although there are some things that I am going to change for the next batches (different highlighting colors for black as well as different monkey tail colors), I think that they look good for a wargames standard of painting. I have already assembled and brown-primed the next ten on my way to completing the first horde of twenty for The Sword and the Flame.


  1. Great looking unit; love the shield patterns. Dean

    1. Dean - Thanks! I like the way that they turned out. Just like any dipped models, it takes no time at all. The shield patterns were fun! I thought that I would not enjoy painting the little lines going down the middle, but they add so much character with the contrasting color to the shield that after the first one I was eager to do the rest so that I could see the finished result.
      - Jeff


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