Zulus - Basing in Progress

I have just completed painting up a few 28mm Zulus Wargames Factory. I followed Mick Farnworth's Painting Guide and I have to say that if you follow his directions, you will get what he promises: decently painted Zulus for a minimal time investment. These are not instructions for showcase quality, but instead a set of directions that anyone can follow to achieve a decent result.

After a black undercoat, he recommends spraying them with Tamiya Red/Brown and then giving a few some drybrush strokes of different color browns. After that he says to pick out the details, dip with Army Painter QuickShade and you're done! I decided to add a few highlights afterward, but for the first batch I wanted to stick closely to his directions.

For the most part, I am content with the results. The Army Painter QuickShade does a nice job on the bum-flap and the inside details of the shield (which would normally be a pain to paint). However, I would like to see more details pop for the flesh tones. Perhaps I need to choose a lighter drybrush color for the flesh before I dip? Individually, they look okay... but their charm is enhanced when you put them en masse.

Eleven Zulus is just the merest notion of a Zulu horde. I will be trying out different techniques in the next few weeks to coax out a better finished result.