Water - Double Up

As I roam about the different painter's blogs, I always take note of their workspace.

One thing that always gets me is spotting a filthy water cup. Now, you know how I hate to generalize, but all painters who have dirty water at their station have poorly painted figures compared to those who have at least one pot of clean water! In order to stay on the side of angels, I always have two pots of water: one for the first swish of the dirty brush, and a second for the final rinse and/or a reservoir of clean water for mixing. Do I need to mention that you should always empty your water after working with metallics? I have found that the glass Martinelli's Apple Juice bottles work best. I have never spilled once!

If you paint please stay hydrated: consider doubling up on your water.


  1. Very useful 'Top tip'.

    I go so far as to use a separate water glass to clean my brushes after using metals just in case.


    1. Matt -

      That is interesting. I have used three jars before if I know that I am going to be using a lot of metallic and regular paints at the same time. I don't have a dedicated glass for it, however. I think that because I clean everything at the end of each painting session, I don't have build up at the bottom of the jars. If I had that sludge down there, I am sure that I would have to have a special metallics jar.

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I appreciate it!

      - Jeff


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